Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friends of Granny Supporters

The message of detached Accessory Dwelling Units for Denver is spreading fast. As of this date here is the list of folks passionate about them:
  1. Bob Sperling, Founder, Platt Park resident 303 351-9216
  2. Becky Alexis, Platt Park resident 720 935-9574
  3. Bernie Costello, South Denver 303 905-1859
  4. Bryan Piesczak, Platt Park
  5. Mike Kephart, North Wash Park (303) 777- 5642
  6. Kirk Stathes, Cherry Creek North
  7. Michael Kadovitz, Sloan's Lake
  8. James Van Hemert, Director of RMLUI, DU neighborhood
  9. Kevin Dickson, Co-Founder, East Wash Park 720 435-5909
  10. John Ferguson, West Wash Park
  11. Jay Pearson, WWP
  12. Richard Chapman, PP
  13. Rich Perrin
  14. Jim & Vivian Brock, East Wash Park (EWP)
  15. Michael Craig, PP
  16. Niccolo Casewit, Barnum 303 570-8118
  17. Deb Hart, WWP
  18. Tom Hart, WWP, Former Director of the Colorado Division of Housing
  19. Art Engel, Berkeley
  20. Ned Stitt, PP
  21. Fred Hammer, WWP & PP
  22. Rebecca Caldwell, Highlands & Harkness Heights
  23. Daniel Markofsky, Sloan's Lake
  24. Ethan Crawford, PP
  25. Chuck Crowley, WWP
  26. Timothy Jacques, Globeville
  27. Scott Rittinger, Whittier & Clayton
  28. Cary Bernhardson, WWP
  29. David Solomon, Jefferson Park
  30. Howard Hutson, Highlands
  31. Jack Dorwart, PP
  32. Nancy D'honau, PP
  33. Renee Babkiewich
  34. Jack Unruh, Overland
  35. Nancy Hart-Edwards, Hilltop
  36. David M. Edwards, Hilltop
  37. Mike Krause, Berkeley
  38. Jeff Mauck, Intern Architect, WWP
  39. Gosia Kung, AIA, LEED AP, NW Denver 
  40. Tod Kapke, WWP
  41. Monique Elwell, Highland 

Please help spread the word, the new zoning map is practically ignoring carriage houses, apparently because the city planning staff is either too timid to propose them for all neighborhoods, or they believe that the residents don't want them. If you are a resident that wants them, please drop an email to , at the NewCodeDenver website, and to your City Councilperson (or all of them):

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  1. Please add me as a supporter: Monique Elwell, Highland